Don  Ryals:  Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner                 Gestalt Therapist and Counselor                   
                  and Hypnosis
 Don Ryals NLP Psychotherapist.  The people I work with are looking for tools and stratagies they can use to make their lives and relationships better. Consider the word "responsibility".   It can feel like a mill stone around your neck.  I break it into 2 words. "Response Ability". The ability to respond.   Poor "ability to respond" means life is hard.  Great "Ability to Respond" means life gets easier.  When you learn the tools and skills of  "Response - Ability", you gain a new sense of clarity and understanding.  Unlock that special part of you that you know is within. My clients report rapid positive results.  Or, you may be interested in hypnosis for weight control.  Either way, the result is the "same you" with a new set of choices and freedoms.
For over 30 years I have used Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programing, Psycho-drama, active listening, sincerity and a love of life to help my clients achieve their own agenda. My goal is to help you accomplish your goal.  Call me.  Ask your questions.  That costs you nothing and after talking with me you will know if it does or does not feel right for you.
Don Ryals
Possible areas of concern :
1. Self-esteem and quality of life
2. Work related issues with
    colleagues, managers, etc.
3. Personal relationships and 
    making sence of them.
4. Setting goals, and planning 
    strategies that work
5. Finding the peace within
6. Stress reduction by finding 
    resolution of issues 
7. Something else, that's ok. You 
    are welcome to add to the list.

Hypnosis for Weight Control
Discover the power of your mind to end unhealthy eating habits 
without feeling deprived.
Become the trim and healthy 
person you want to be.
Have energy again !

Text from a client:
Good morning Don, I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for including me in your group and how much value that has brought to my life.  I am forever thankful and grateful to you and appreciate your thoughtfulness, kindness, and the caring heart you have. Thank you again, Greg
.Text from a client:
  I need to say thank you for this freedom.  I  feel at peace in my very soul.  I hoope you  are experiencing this every day.
 Many blessings, Ann